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Multitude Monday – Take 2

on August 26, 2013

I realize it’s been a few weeks, but give me grace! We were wrapping up summer, getting ourselves situated for the school year ahead, and going on one last Mr. Right and I getaway (faaaaaabulous). But I’m back, and here to stay! Here’s your next session of Thanksgiving, brought to you by Multitude Monday!

Today I’m thankful for…


20. Rest. I thought a lot over the last week as I started to feel guilty laying out by the pool on our vacation about how God mandates rest. God rested. And last week, we rested. I’m not good at it, but I enjoyed it!

21. A husband who cares about time together, and wants to nurture our relationship. I realize not everyone has this, and I consider it a gift.

22. My Keurig.

23. Cruises. Yes, we went on a cruise. It was our first, and it was fabulous. Everyone needs to save and go on a cruise. Being together, being unplugged, being on the water… can I go back now?

24. Steak. Medium well. Served with Potatoes and Veggies. I may or may not have eaten this every night of our cruise.

25. Sunsets.


26. Back to school time. I have always loved school, and this time of year gives me a fresh perspective on life and puts energy in my step. I’m sad to see summer go, but excited about the new season ahead.

27. Buddy bear’s adorable mess after he’s eaten spaghetti with meatballs.

28. Friends who will watch my not-sleeping-through-the-night and slightly needy toddler while I am relaxing on a boat for a five days.

29. The ability to live on campus this semester, which saves us gas money and gives us more precious time together as a family.

30. Playing dress up with Mr. Right.


31. Celebrating a good friends ordination and the evidence of God’s faithfulness in his life.

32. My theater family (more to come on this later this week).

33. Buddy bear’s wobbly “first month of walking” steps. Oh man, I could watch him all day long… belly out first, arms up in the air, “I want to go fast but I’m so unsure” steps!  Gah!!  It kills me!

34. God’s ability to heal our hearts and help us move on.

35. Emails from friends that say “this made me think of you” and has a devotional attached that speaks directly to what we are going through or experiencing.


36. Warm chocolate melting cakes.

37. Calculators. Who really does math anymore??

38. Dancing. There’s really not much that makes me happier than moving with music. I may not be good at it, but I sure do love it.

39. The beach. I can’t begin to think of the smile that God had on His face when He created the place where snow white beaches meet the bluest blue ocean and He knew how we would enjoy it.

40. Wide mouthed, slobbery baby kisses. (I realize I’ve already said this, but c’mon… this is really the best part of my life right now! And any parent can testify, that’s no small thing!)


41. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

42. My toddler running into my arms with glee even after we went off and left him for five days.

43. Fingernail polish and freshly painted toes.

44. Suntan lines (yes, I know skin cancer is bad).

45. This song.


My life is full.

Be blessed, dear ones. I want to hear what you’re thankful for today!!



One response to “Multitude Monday – Take 2

  1. Katie Merritt says:

    I am thankful that one day it looks gloomy and sad and overwhelming…..but by God’s grace a new day comes full of promise and hope and grace!

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