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Multitude Monday – Take 3

Happy Monday, everyone!!  I hope the fact that it’s Labor Day offsets the fact that it’s Monday.

Even though I don’t work, I tend to feel a little down on Monday’s because the family time we get on the weekend is all-too-fleeting! Today is a normal day in my house. Mr. Right has both work AND school today, and I really didn’t sleep very well last night, Buddy Bear is having a hard time with his naps lately… well, I’m feeling pretty worn this morning. So that’s all the more reason to GIVE THANKS.

Here’s what I’m thanking God for today. 🙂


46. Coffee. I’m on my second cup, and I’m normally a half-a-cup sorta gal. Shocking, right?

47. Waking up early and being unable to go back to sleep (stay with me), leading to an extended and doubly blessed time in the Word.

48. Routine and Structure.

49. Twins. 🙂 A friend of mine just had beautiful baby girl twins and there’s something so so special about two extra tiny little bundles swaddled up and lying next to each other.

50. That new baby smell (on my friends twins).


51. Toddlers walking belly first. You know what I’m talking about – when they’re first learning to walk and really getting the hang of it, but they use their belly to offset the weight of their oversized head. It’s PRICELESS. (Can you imagine if adults walked like that?)  

52. This cleaning schedule. Seriously. I implemented this last week and it has changed. My. Life. MY HOUSE IS CLEAN(ish) AND I STILL HAVE A LIFE!

53. Medical technology (for my friends C-Section).

54. Getting to the gym early so I can watch Good Morning America while I run.

55. Youtube videos that ALWAYS make me laugh out loud.



56.  “Streams in the Desert” devotional – a dear friend gave it to me last week and I LOVE it.

57. Calculators. I’m taking a statistics class (blah) and being reminded of WHY it’s been 13 years since I’ve had a math class.

58. Claritin.

59. This fabulous bread recipe, which is becoming a staple in our household.

60. My bread machine. To make said recipe.


61. Pinterest. I’m a junkie, yes, but I’m one of those who actually, FACTUALLY uses it to try new things. Weekly!  Hence, the recipe above and the cleaning schedule above. I. Love. Pinterest.

62. The fact that my statistics class is free. AND required for my grad school program. Those two things NEVER go hand in hand.

63. Towels. They just do a good job cleaning up messes. Kudos to whoever invented the towel.

64. My phone, which keeps me connected to family and friends far away.

65. The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of thing unseen.


What are you thanking God for today, friend?

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