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Multitude Monday: Take 4

on February 10, 2014

First of all, I want to take a second to return to last week’s blog post.

Honestly, all I did was quickly put my thoughts onto paper, so to speak.

They were unfiltered, not completely well formed, and passionate.

My blog usually has about 20-40 hits on it for a normal post. And of course, the post from last week has been viewed several thousand times.

Yeah, I wasn’t prepared for that. First of all, I’m honored that so many people would take time to read my story. Which is really God’s story. On the other hand, based on some of the feedback I received, I probably should’ve taken a little more time to clarify some of my thoughts so as not to be misunderstood. So at some point this month, I am going to take a little time to go back and touch on a few things for clarification’s sake, and try to share the rest of my story, if that’s okay with you. It seems strangely appropriate since February is also Eating Disorder Awareness Month.

But today, I want to take a little time to be thankful. Because we really don’t do that enough. And I really gotta get back into the swing of that habit.  🙂

So here’s my Multitude Monday – Take 4.

Today, I’m thankful for…

66. Mr. Right. I will probably say this each Monday. But this week, I’m thankful that he’s aware of how exhausted I’ve been, and that even though our toddler has not been sleeping much AT ALL these past two months, he has VOLUNTARILY taken the night shift with him, and allowed this preggo to get some good sleep.

67. Snow. Because snow is fresh and pretty and white. A this point in the winter I really don’t enjoy it, but honestly, it keeps life interesting, to say the least.

68. Those who have supported us to be able to do this internship. It’s SUCH a blessing to not have to worry about finances while focusing on ministry and trying to figure out what’s next in life.

69. Living within 2 hours of my parents. Time with family is precious.

70. “Touchdown M&M’s” on clearance – a big bag for $1.50 at Target. (Basically, touchdown M&M’s are regular M&M’s with pictures of footballs printed on them. Um… yes please!

71. Acts of love from Mr. Right – He brought me starbucks and flowers on Saturday morning!!  🙂  Totally made my day!

72. Heated seats in my Subaru. At least my butt stays warm.

73. Pinterest. I LOVE pinterest. AND I actually use it to help me meal plan and be creative!!  I don’t know how I could be a stay at home mom without it’s inspiration!!

74. Worship. I’m planning on hopefully starting another mini-series on my blog about worship. Stay tuned.

75. My new devotional book. I’m currently reading “Search the Scriptures” by Alan Stibbs – it’s totally different than ANY devotional I’ve EVER done and I’m LOVING it – it takes you through the entire Bible in three years, asking you to read a passage, then asking you a few VERY basic “get you thinking” questions about what you’ve read. What I like about it is that it forces ME to THINK about what I’m reading, rather than a lot of “fill in the blank” devotionals that are very leading and basically teaching me what someone else has thought about the passages I’m reading. I think that kind of learning is valuable too, but I can get SO lazy studying scripture that way. This is JUST what I needed to re-engage my mind in my love of the scriptures!!

76. Frozen Pizzas. Fast, cheap, and right now I can’t seem to get enough of them.

77. My new business venture with Origami Owl. WHAT a BLESSING!!  Be looking for a blog post about this VERY, very soon!!

78. Hope for the future. Need I say more?

79. Snuggles with Buddy Bear. He is becoming increasingly cuddly. I LOVE that.

80. Sweet kicks from Sweet Pea. She’s getting mighty feisty!! I can’t believe we get to meet her in three short months!!!

81. Maternity jeans in MY SIZE that FIT PERFECTLY on CLEARANCE for less than $10 at Target!!!! Any woman who has EVER been pregnant and had to pay $35 for a pair of jeans she’ll only wear for 4-5 months CLEARLY understands the joy here.

82. Winter boots. I finally invested in some after wearing my running shoes everywhere in the snow. WOW. What a difference warm feet make!  HA!

83. God’s sovereignty and protection. I sense it around me all the time and love seeing Him at work in my life!!

84. Technology. Even though I don’t have many friends where we are right now, it’s so nice to stay connected with those who are far away.

85. Chik-fil-A in the land of no Chik-fil-A. There just happens to be one 20 minutes from my house. Today, that little southern corner of my heart was so thrilled to enjoy Chik-fil-A with a DEAR younger sister in Christ downtown. 🙂

What are you thankful for today, friend??  If you’re reading, leave me a note with ONE THING you’re thankful for!!  C’mon, there’s gotta be SOMETHING!!  🙂


One response to “Multitude Monday: Take 4

  1. Lee Berger says:

    Heather, I’m thankful that you had a too brief sojourn here in the south. You were always such a fun person in the office, at the theatre, wherever. Some day perhaps, our paths will cross again–actually Chicago is a place I want to visit.

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